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Urbaine Co. is the shoe brand for urban woman. Shabby chic combined with modern and vintage design, Urbaine exudes femininity but not too girly styles and profiles. The Urbaine woman is not a Victoria Beckham—super sleek without a hair out of place. She is a Jennifer Aniston or a Kate Moss—put together but not too stiff. There is always that one element that breaks the monotony of the design; be it a pop of color or vintage flair amidst straight lines and muted colors. It's the shoe brand for the real urban woman.

Shopping Instruction
How to order

1. When ordering, please provide a VALID email address. The confirmation will be sent to your email within 24 to 48 hours.  Kindly check both your INBOX and SPAM folders for our reply.

2. You can drop us your questions or other concerns through text and/or e-mail. Kindly wait for a reply because it will signify receipt of the message. If reply was not received, kindly resend to the contact person below.

3. We ask you to order using the Order Form only. Orders sent via other means will not be entertained because we don’t want any mix-ups.

4. We assure you that all orders received are processed as soon as possible. We highly encourage you, dear Urbanite, to text to either Trish, Lexie, or Martha after you have placed your order.


How to pay

Payments can be made through:

BPI Savings Account:

Account Name:  Martha de la Cruz

Account Number: 0295-2944-42


Upon meet-up.


1. We will be delivering your Urbaines through your chosen courier within two (2) to four (4) days after we have confirmed your payment. We will however charge the shipping fees to you.

2. While we do not want your Urbaines to be lost or damaged in the process of delivery, we will not be held liable for occasions that these may happen.

3. We can arrange a meet-up-and-pick-up to save up on shipping fees. However, we can only do so in Shang-ri La Mall, The Podium, SM Megamall, Greenbelt 5, Bonifacio High Street or in Pearl Drive area at an agreed upon time.

4. We’d love to meet and greet our fellow Urbanites! However, we request that meet-ups be scheduled at least one (1) week in advance.

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