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Chiz was established in 2008 under OCC, a fast-growing company with more than 12 years of expertise in the health & beauty, food and fashion industry in the Philippines. Chiz is focused on bringing the latest urban-casual fashion trends to fun loving Filipino youngsters. Over the last few years, Chiz has developed a spotlight with released exceptional fashion merchandise. Chiz connects to their customers, they understand the needs and wants of their market. Chiz continuously strives to bring their creations that definitely offer quality at affordable price. Every slice of CHiZ is designed with fun and creativity in mind.

Shopping Instruction
How to order

Can I order via Phone call or SMS? Unfortunately, we do not take orders over the phone at this time. Thus, you may order directly from our online website Thus, you may order directly from our online website. For any concerns, clients can send an e-mail to or by simply clicking the Contact Us button. All orders submitted during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be automatically processed by Monday. You may also visit our facebook fanpage

How to pay

What kinds of Payment method do you accept? We accept the following forms of payment: âテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつッテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつソテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつス¢ PayPal (Client will be redirected to the PayPal system to complete the online payment. Please finish the process to avoid problems with your order.) âテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつッテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつソテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつス¢ Visa & MasterCard (For clients without PayPal account, it'll be redirected to the PayPal page, simply click on "Don't have a PayPal account?" & follow the instructions.) âテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつッテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつソテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつス¢ BDO Bank deposit (Payment should be settled within 24hrs. Kindly send a copy of deposit slip or provide transaction no. by sending e-mail to our Customer Service, âテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつッテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつソテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつス¢ BDO Account Name: Bloomworks Inc. Account No.: 2190049330 âテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつッテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつソテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつス¢ Globe G-cash


Our official courier is Xend, LBC and EMS. Please allow 24 to 120 hours delivery depending on the location. Shipping fee will depends on the address that will be provided by the client.

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Maan Soriano
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