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CarPlan Air Fresheners Air fresheners are where marketers can really allow their imaginations to run wild! The wide choice and styles use a combination of licensed brands coupled with in-house ideas all housed under the CarPlan umbrella. The range is designed to appeal to both male and female markets, young or old, some are discreet, some are loud and colourful, some are odour eliminating as well as air freshening.

We have a product and a price to suit all needs. CarPlan Air Fresheners for cars, offices, and homes. Ultra-high quality European standard, health-safe, pleasant and mild scents - characteristics the present products are not offering.

CarPlan air fresheners are made in France and United Kingdom.

Just remember, "It's time you care about the scent you breathe".

Shopping Instruction
How to order

Interested clients are advised to visit:

True Value "Start Right, Start Here"

1) Power Plant Mall Store

2) Shangri-La Mall Store


Handyman "Do it Best!"

1) Robinsons Galleria

2) Robinsons Place Manila

3) Forum Robinsons

4) Robinsons Nova Market

5) Robinsons Starmills Pampanga

6) Robinsons Angeles

7) Nepo Mall Angeles

8) Festival Mall

9) Trinoma

10) Robinsons Place Pangasinan

11) Robinsons Metro East

Presently, more and more quality-oriented people, with discriminating acumen, are liking, or loving, CarPlan Air Care particularly the newly launched in Europe Bahiti Island.

Just remember, "It's time you care about the scent you breathe".

How to pay

Please visit the said branches of True Value and Handyman.

Upcoming and exciting new scents and designs newly launched in Europe in more True Value Philippines branches for 2013.

Just remember, "It's time you care about the scent you breathe".


Just remember, "It's time you care about the scent you breathe".

You air freshener should just be mild enough, gentle, ultra high quality, pleasant, and health-safe European and United Kingdom standard. CarPlan Air Care U.K. exudes emotions of happiness and calmness 

"IT'S TIME YOU CARE ABOUT THE SCENT YOU BREATHE" Ask yourself, should I really care? I guess you should if you care about the quality of air freshening you and your family breathe.

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