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Sabrina captivates you with high fashion, original, youthful stroll-in-the-park casual wear at its finest with delicate and geriatic chic fabrics like chiffon, lace, knit and carefully picked out intricate designs all united in a pseudo-Parisian inspired garment construction. Sabrina is relaxed and bohemian without being sloppy. Sabrina is a ballerina in a coiffure gracefully pirouetting in slow motion with chiffon frills swivelling along each pivot--defying gravity while suspended in pockets of space and time. Click. Each angle an old photograph as she continues to twirl like a newly spun top--time catching up on her as golden silk waves fall down to her waist and joins this marvelous dance of finess unable to tell clothing from body, body from clothing. She changes her stance, precision is broken but balance is her friend; she skips along the beautiful golden fields of wheat. She is a dream leaving behind earthly roots and floating away to the stars.

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Meet-up (scheduled 3 days before, Greenhills, Taft, Makati) Philfox Courier (for metro manila)-P50 LBC (for provincial)-P100

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Teena Tan
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