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Women have a deep and cherished relationship with their lingerie. From puberty, to young adulthood, to motherhood and beyond, our lingerie stays and grows with us. It’s something that we can’t divorce from the biggest celebrations in our lives - us being a woman the biggest celebration of all.



Sabina, one of the top global undergarments brands originating from Thailand, understands this relationship perfectly. They have exhaustive lines for each stage of womanhood, starting with training bras, flirty corsets, lacy lingerie, and form-lifting wear. 


Finally, Sabina has landed in Philippine shores! You can now enjoy the brand’s funky and functional lingerie lines to suit your lifestyle. Buy Sabinie for your budding daughter, Maggie Mae and Pretty Perfect for the fun-loving teen,  Doomm Series for that extra boost, Moldern Curve and Gossip Bra for sexy encounters, and our other selections for sporty women and moms. 


Sabina knows what you want - visit our stores to find out just how well we know the female form!


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