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Tinman is a local brand designed by locally by different designers allover the globe, to give it a global perspective.  Materials used come from many countries including the Philippines.  End products are assembled in China.  The brand is currently working to get patent from Brazil.  Tinman Brand is one of the brands sold at SHOELUTION.

Company History and Concept


Shoelution was created by Mr. John Derrick Tin in 2010.  The name Shoelution came about as a title to a store that wants to provide solutions to footwear fashion problems of the people in the Philippines, by offering hi quality and fashionable footwear at a value for money price.  One cannot help but compare the shoe styles that have as much or more buzz as the more expensive ones in well known established stores and brands. Our products range from the latest trends in a complete line of mens shoes, slippers, socks, laces, insoles and other shoe accessories that have the most variety amongst even the recognized stores.  Nevertheless we also offer womens casual and smart casual shoes together with formal and casual shoes for children.  All these footwear are designed locally and abroad with our various agents to get the latest and up coming trends around the globe and locally, to make sure the Philippines has an updated SHOELUTION for everyone, since our shoe price ranges are from P669 up to P1799.  We make sure all this style is complimented by a quality(thru careful study of the latest materials applicable for every shoe part) that will make the owner smile positively.  We also make it a point that customers get a genuine experience when they visit our store thru the trendiest music available, well groomed, oriented and trained staff, available styles for every kind of fashion personality in every occasion fashion line.  Our current store concept is white coco lumber accented walls, white thick abaca rope rounded posts, white shelves and dark rough flooring to give our store a unique and refreshing aura and differentiate it from the environmental feeling outside.  Needless to say, even up to this day there is not one single day that a shopper’s attention is not amazed by the name “SHOELUTION”.  Latest innovative style + Value driven price = Shoelution



Company Mission-Vision


Our goal is to provide the best possible solution in footwear needs of the people in the Philippines, by giving them a unique experience of store, product style and quality by providing value for money items using the local brand Tinman.  It's a true fashion shoe store for men, women and children, in it you will find the latest trends and updates for shoe fashion at a surprising cost and “desireable” quality.


Our purchasing department, led by Mr. Tin, travels all over the globe thrice a year to update on all the latest kinds of shoe materials, technology and styles. Our goal is to bring these styles in the Philippines at the least cost possible.  In effect, we practice creativity in altering and selecting materials of elite designs, to enhance value but still maintain a guaranteed quality and style comparable to famous brands but having a different personality.  Although not all our shoes will last for 2 years, we make sure not to disappoint value oriented up to date fashionable customers that do not want to sacrifice the “look” for the “cost”.  After all, no one wants to keep a shoe for more than a year if it is not being used, when its materials might expire and its fashion put at outdated.  One of our philosophies is, why repair an old shoe when you can buy a new one at the same price.  Our shoes are made to be worn…ASAP! That’s what we are here for, a “SHOELUTION”.  Most of our footwear are assembled in China and a few are made here in the Philippines, the same goes for materials, some are Philippine sourced and some are abroad, depending on a country’s raw material specialty.  They are then all incorporated by designers in our products.


We aim to establish our own brand of retail footwear shoe stores in top malls for our short term goal by contributing to the traffic and prestige in our leased area.  We plan to achieve these goals thru offering innovative products in terms of style, comfort and affordability without compromising quality.  We believe our strength is the impressive style of our products coupled with value driven prices, that are both unique to our business line.  We try to make the impossible possible.



Core Competence


Our competence lies in the tremendous amount of fashion, minimal price and “functional quality” we have in our shoes and footwear products.  One need not buy quality one cannot use which will be a waste of resources.  We can be sustainable by maximizing modern engineering knowledge and using it in fashion footwear.  With the tremendous amount of punch in the styles we carry there is not one shoe store that can find similarity in our products.


Product – Service offering/ Target market pricing/ Merchandising


SHOELUTION appeals to customers from all level of income, with its wide arrange of prices to satisfy everyone from the ABC levels during these present economic situations.  People are able to choose and purchase shoes according to their personal budgets and still be fashionable in shoes ranging from P449 up to P3899 and shoe accessories from P9 to 299.  Our styles attract the A market, our prices attract the C market.  The B market looks for us.  Our customers also gets to suggest what they want in a product and we infuse those suggestions in our product line it in the next new arrivals thru an interactive social media and brick and mortar store feedback approach.


Our products are now composed of a complete line of formal, casual and sports shoes for men, while our sports and casual shoes for children and women are also on the rise.


We also showcase basic footwear accessories like a variety of insoles, socks, shoe brushes, silicon arch cookies, protection gels, adjustable height massage silicon gels, air insoles, silicon insoles that affect how people wear shoes comfortably, functionally and fashionably.



Tag Line


Our tag line is SAVE NOW! We mark down by 50% our new arrival products two weeks after its debut in stores.  Aside from our much awaited SALE events that feature items for P500 only.  Our debut prices are also already very competitive with regards to the style and quality we offer.


Shopping Instruction
How to order

Thru text : 09175418203, 09175384777

Thru Phone Call : 5845741

Thru Email :

How to pay

GCash 09175384777

Bank Deposit MetroBank 047304 7387044


LBC Buyer to shoulder cost, around P250/ shoe if cannot be picked up in branches.

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John Derrick Tin
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