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Reseller of Korean-Japanese inspired clothing and footwear and maker of Polymer Clay accessories.

Shopping Instruction
How to order

Simply fill out the form:

For Accessories:'s-charms


For Apparel and Footwear:

How to pay

For Accessories: (onhand)

1. Invoice will be sent to confirm order.

2. Payment should be made before the nearest Thursday of the week.


For Apparel & Footwear: (preorder)

1. Invoice are sent on order cut-off day w/c is every Sunday 6pm.

2. Pay 70% of the total amount before the nearest Tuesday on/before 3pm.

* All payments are made thru customer's preferred payment method.


For Accessories:

1. Once payment is confirmed, items are prepared for shipment.

For Apparel & Footwear:

1. Please allow at least 7-10 days for the items to arrive.

2. On the arrival of the items, 2nd invoice will be sent (for the remaining 30%).

3. Payment of the balance should be made before the nearest Thursday.* Items should be fully paid on/or before Thursday - 3pm, as that is our only shipping day. 

Contact Information
Contact Person
Dorica Lopez
Contact No.
09214823535 / 2549499
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