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24K Gold on pewter Earrings “Winner”

InterK Luxury Boutique


Wonderful 24K golden earrings.All 24K gold plated jewelry comes with Certificate of Origin by request.Handmade 24K gold plated jewelry with elements of eldest cultures, based on real museums pieces and suited to modern culture that meets the most sophisticated taste. Made of special leed-free pewter, very fine jewelry material with excellent anti-allergenic features. This material is then gold-plated with the most pure gold in the world - 24K gold (5 micras of gold). For double assurance after the gold plating process the products are cataphoretically lacquered, which guarantees the product durability and no change in color.Only the best genuine (natural) stones are used in collection, like amethyst, onyx, jasper, tourmaline, tiger eye, rubies and emeralds. These designs won the prize during World Expo in Shanghai

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