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4050 Paint with Numbers/DIY Painting - Portrait/Landscape/Animals/Celebrities/Cartoons

MishMash Shop by FunWithDIY

Product Idea: Bring the artist in you with just a few simple strokes Just follow the numbers printed on the canvas and match with the provided color and VOILA! you are are a few strokes away from your master artwork! This product is great gift idea, decoration, memorabilia, bonding with family, friends, colleagues or your own personal project. We have some designs available in Manila and ready to be shipped out anywhere in Philippines. For available designs, please visit Need To Know: Dimension: 40cm x 50cm (Approx 15.75inches x 19.69inches) Weight: 1kg Difficulty: Medium to Hard Price: Original Price - 1600PHP Current SRP - 1000PHP + 150shipping fee Materials Included: 1. Brush 2. Canvas with numbers printed on it 3. Inside frames where the canvas is stretched on. (for most designs) 4. Non-toxic colors with numbers on the cover 5. Hooks 6. Brightener Get In Touch email yahoo and skype account: funwithdiy
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